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Post  Ash on Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:08 pm

Ok. Here is a simple(I hope) guide, to utilize your time, and gain lightbringer points as fast as possible.

This run takes place outside the Dzagonur Bastion mission. It should take anywhere from 6-10 minutes, depending on the coordination of your hench/heroes. On average, you'll get between 60-70 pts per run. The run can be as simple as going outside, getting the elemental hunt bonus, and killing elementals. But the real benefit from this area, is that the Roaring Ethers(only the lvl 24 ones) carry a rez sig. By killing the ethers in a certain order, you can maximize their use of rez sigs, increasing the lb pts you make.

There are 5 different spawns of Djinns and Ethers. Groups containing Ruby Djinns, will be accompanied by two lvl 20 ethers, and one lvl 24. Grps with the saph. Djinns have 4 possible spawns:
two lvl 20's, one lvl 24, and a saph djinn. (grp1)
two lvl 20's, and two saph djinns. (grp2)
one lvl 20, two lvl 24's, and one saph djinn. (grp3)
and finally, three lvl 24's, and one saph djinn. (grp4)

Each spawn, has a different sequence of which u should kill, to maximize the amount of pts you can get. For fhe group labeled, "grp1", First kill one of the lvl 20 ethers. This will cause the lvl 24 ether, to use its sig. While it is rezzing, atk/kill the 2nd lvl 20 ether. Then kill the rezzed ether(will be noticably ezier bcuz of its dp), followed by the lvl 24, then the Djinn.

For the group labeled "grp2", there arent any lvl 24 ethers, so there arent any with rez's, so dispatch in any order u will (I prefer ethers first, for energy conservation)

For the group labeled "grp3", first kill one of the lvl 24 ethers. While the second lvl 24 ether is rezzing, atk/kill the lvl 20 ether. As soon as the 1st ether is rezzed, he will then rez the lvl 20 ether. After both lvl 24's have used their rez's, dispatch in ur fav order.

For the group labeled "grp4", Kill any of the ethers(keep visual memory on which u have killed). While waiting for it to be rezzed, atk the saph djinn. After it has been rezzed, Kill the same ether again. (Heres the hard part) Now kill the ether who has already used his rez, while the other ether rez's. Once the ether is rezzed, he will rez the one you just killed. After utilizing all of their rez's, kill in any order u see fit.

For groups with Ruby Djinns, ALWAYS kill the ruby djinn first. His aoe(searing flames, liquid flame) combined with the energy surge from the ethers, will wipe out multiple members of your party at the same time. After the djinn is dead, kill both lvl 20 ethers, followed by the rezzed ether, then the lvl 24 ether.

Heres a map with the location of each grp:
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Re: Lightbringer

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:34 pm

i think you explained good
and nice map BTW What a Face


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