600 hp/Smiter Duo UW!

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600 hp/Smiter Duo UW!

Post  Alain on Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:08 pm

Ok this is not a UWSC so don't even try to say anything about slow farming!

600/Smite Duo
This is a guide for farming the UW with a 600 hp monk (the tanker) and a smiter.

The build focuses on the immortally of the 600 hp monk, with the smiter using "Holy wrath" and "Retribution" on the 600 hp monk the enemies will kill themselfes with a estimated 60 damage each hit they make. Everybody knows that on HM the enemies have a faster attack speed.

The Build:

600 Hp monk
What it says, a monk with 600 hp. The monk uses "Protective Spirit" to lower the damage to a maximum of 60, and at the same time he will get +100 hp from "Spirit Bond".

Keep one thing in mind... A 600 Hp monk is a tanker, so focus on staying alive!

The Build:




Caster sword with 20% longer ench mod!
Shield, Focus.
Or a caster staff..

The lowest AL possible! So think of starter armor or armor with 15 AL.
Get a protection Scalp Design!

Runes needed:

Minor Divine
Minor Protection.

Getting you're hp to 600. Hmm, do you think it's hard? Not at all!
Get a full set of Survivor, a rune of superior vigor and some rune of vitae's.


The smiter mostly is a hero, because it doesn't have a real difficult task.

The Smiter uses Retribution and Holy Wrath on the 600 hp monk, every time a foe hits the 600 hp monk, the enemy will get 60 damage.
Life Attunement and Vital blessing is for Support.
BiP is for energy regeneration for the 600 hp.
Purge signet is for Condition removal.
Blessed Signet is for own Energy, mostly to cast BiP on 600 hp monk.

The build:


My smiter doesn't have any runes on his armor, it goes well with just the normal stats.
A caster sword/staff could be handy for the duration of BiP.

The smiter maintain's the four enchantments on the 600 hp monk. The 600 hp maintain's his own enchantments. You must have a total of 7 enchantments on you.

Killing Enemies

Before you walk into e.g grasping darknesses make sure you have maintained Protective Spirit and Spirit Bond, without those two skills you will be dead in no time. Just wait when the enemies attack you, they will kill themselfes because of retribution and holy wrath. Repeat that, and follow the way.

Having any difficulities?
PM me on: Natasha of Elona.

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