Another dragon slasher.

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Another dragon slasher.

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:40 pm

Hey all, just made an account and looking around the forum and saw some dragon slash builds, heres my take on it - "The Whirly Dragon"
for PVE.
1- Dragon Slash
2- Whirlwind Attack
3- Final Thrust
4- Flail
5- For Great Justice!
6- Enraging Charge
7- Lions Comfort

In the optional i usually take Antidote Signet even though it doesnt synergise greatly with Lions Comfort, consider Enduring Harmony, cheap hex removals can be handy too, or whatever skill you see fit, cap sigs, or even ebon vanguard sniper support just for laughs, up to you.

To use for best effect run in with enraging charge placing yourself ideally adjacent to the maximum enemy monsters you can, activate FGJ, then flail, then dragon slash, you can either repeatedly spam dragon slash, spam dragon slash and whirlwind attack (with large amounts of enemies this can even be repeatedly done without FGJ! active due to adrenaline gain with whirlwind attack and finally dragon slash>whirlwind attack (with lots of adjacent foes)>lions comfort>back to the start, useful for if you are taking signifigant damage, can also be done FGJ!>dragon slash>lions comfort or simply whirlwind attack>lions comfort.
Final thrust i dont often use unless spiking a monk or a boss before they can heal when dragon slash isnt charged or just doesnt have that split second high damage thats needed to finish the foe.

Equiptment i would reccomend is a vampiric sword for some extra DPS and some extra health gain especially with whirlwind attack. but any sword and strength shield will do.

Overall i find it to be an extremely versatile damage dealing build with decent self healing for warrior standards, Hope its of use/interest to you guys.



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Re: Another dragon slasher.

Post  Musei Namida on Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:06 am

nice, good job on the description. that will be easy to replicate and personalize.
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