FFF - Fast Faction Farming Guide and Demo

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FFF - Fast Faction Farming Guide and Demo

Post  Musei Namida on Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:25 am

Hello and welcome to FFF 101.

Fast Faction Farming is something that a majority of people dont really know how to do. Or even think it is worth it. In all actuality, in the time you spend in 1 AB you can make almost 10k faction.

1. Luxon
2. Jade Flats (Luxon)
3. 1 of these chars:
Other classes can be used, but these four are the main class's used in this ritual.

A group usually consists of 1 Ranger/Assassin, 1 Monk, and 6 Elementalists.

Here is a quick demonstration of how this ritual is done.

Now lets get some builds out of the way:
Paste these codes into Template Code.

Ranger FFF Runner

Assassin FFF Runner

Elementalist FFF Nuker

Monk FFF Healer

To start off with this explanation I will say that there is only 1 runner. Either a Ranger or an Assassin. There is only 1 healer needed and there are generally 6 elementalist Nukers. On top of that all characters except the runner needs Recall.

Step 1: When you first leave Jade Flats into Archipelagos you will quickly select your runner and cast recall on them. If you miss the runner you can cast on someone else that you are positive has already cast recall on the runner.

Step 2: Run to the corner straight ahead by the steps.

Step 3: When the runner gets so far away you will automatically be teleported to his location. Follow him down the pathway until he teleports then continue to the second passageway up and stop on the first landing and face the arena area.

Step 4: Once the runner teleports up he will cast frozen soil in the closest spot to the arena. Then he will proceed up the steps to Master Portus and take the quest.

Step 5: The elementalists will proceed to nuke the spawned criminals until all are dead.

Step 6: Meanwhile the runner goes down to the bottom of the steps near the arena and blocks the path of Arena Master Portus. (Watch m youtube video to see where to stop.)

Step 7: Once all of the criminals are dead move to the wall closest to the runner and cast Recall on him. Double click the icon in the upkeep area to remove Recall and teleport to the runner or just cast Return on him from the wall. Instant teleport to the runner.

Step 8: Take the quest from Arena Master Portus then turn it in.

Step 9: Type /resign to resign and return to town.

Step 10: Repeat steps 1 - 9.

This entire sequence should only take 1 minutes and 30 seconds to complete once you figure out what you are doing. The quest rewards you with 2000 exp, 400 Luxon Faction, and 150 gold. If you continuously repeat this every 1 1/2 minutes you will collect the reward. Every 10 minutes 50 seconds you will recieve 14000 exp 2800 Luxon Faction 1050 gold. Every hour you will recieve 80000 exp 16000 Luxon Faction 6000 gold. And so on...

Any questions or if there is something I missed let me know. I will correct as soon as possible. I had a headache when i posted this so it is definately a possibility. Thank you and remember... ENJOY!!!
Musei Namida
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